Are you organizing a conference?

We know that preparing a schedule for a big conference manually is real pain. We can solve the problem by automating the whole agenda generation process with A.I. tools.

NoConf is web based automated conference scheduling tool that allows you to generate agendas that satisfy your needs within seconds!

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How we can help you?

Find out what value A.I. tooling can bring to conference scheduling.

Save your time

Reduce enormous amount of manual work during scheduling process!

Better schedule

Agenda is optimized against dozens of factors which is impossible to embrace when crafting by hand!


Be prepared for last minute changes and handle them easily!

Our offer

Access to NoConf services

  • Agenda generation with a single click
  • Visual schedule preview
  • Constraints management

Integration with your tools and data

  • Import talks from your CFP system
  • Agenda publication on conference website
  • Import/export using NoConf REST API

Support during the whole process

  • Guidance through configuration
  • Advice on what can be improved

Extensions tailored to your specific needs

  • We understand that your conference might have unique requirements
  • We are up to the task of adjusting our system to solve your scheduling problem

Our partners

NoConf helped to prepare the schedule for the following conferences:

Devoxx Game Industry Conference

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  • Use contact form below to tell us more about your conference (how many talks, rooms, tracks, attendees, etc.)
  • We will approach you soon and schedule the demo where we show possibilities of our system
  • Together we will choose the best way of provisioning speakers and talks data to the system
  • Once the import is done, you can start planning your schedule automatically with few clicks!

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